Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Short Story Fiction Draft

It doesn't really matter to me if she's off screwing some other idiot (and I'm the first in line to say that I'm an idiot). She ain't a'gonna get it from me cuz I know her too well. I encouraged her to screw other idiots.

I'm a primitive brained creature with an occasionally stubborn sex driver. She says we can have at it if it will appease my sex driver but lately my sex driver's been distracted by the possibility of contracting std's. She is, after all, screwing idiots who also screw college idiots.

What would you do? Don't say divorce. Divorce means limited time with my little girls. One weekend a month, two weeks during the summer, and occasional holidays equals limited father figure exposure.

Life is good. Really good. Set the alarm for 5 AM. 1 oz vodka, 6 oz tomato juice, 1 tbsp pickle juice, a sprinkle of celery salt, a John Gorka album on the stereo. Blog till 7 AM. The kids wake up at 8. By then I'm sober and appeased and ready to make pancakes for the family. Life is good.

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