Monday, September 24, 2007

Nipples Really Have Only One Purpose

Why are nipples erogenous? It just seems creepy to me. Nipples are designed to deliver milk to the infant. (And why do humans drink cow milk? It's for calves! I drink soy milk.)

The whole sex drive thing is a scam. We "feel" physically attracted to someone but really it's just the sex driver trying to make a new human.

Many men find large breasts attractive but is it actually because large breasts imply that they can hold more milk than smaller breasts and therefore be more capable of feeding an infant? Or is it because certain men want to be babied? According to zoologist Desmond Morris, author of 'The Naked Ape,' breasts are designed to look like derrieres, and a naked derriere is designed to encourage the sex driver. My sex driver would like to have a little chat with your sex driver.

Sex is weird and the older I get the more I see it for what it truly is - simply an overly hyped mechanism to make more humans.

(But don't get too attached to your babies - America's most prolific serial killer, President George Bush, is on a roll.)