Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pathetic Bullies

So I'm surfing through some sad news stories and I read the comment sections and there I find post after post after identical post of "my prayers," "gobbless," "in a better place now," "god needed another angel," "my prayers," "gobbless." On and on. So I post a comment saying that there is no better place for a child than in her mother's arms. I say that the only reason people believe in a biblical god is because the religious indoctrination of children is still legal.

So what happens? Holy rollers spent hours googling my commenting name and actually found out who I was. Then they sent emails to my immediate supervisor AND the president of the university where I work. They attacked my family website and mailed death threats to me. Pathetic bullies. It just seems to me that their god wouldn't be proud of them for their actions.

So I had to shut down my website for awhile. I had to explain to my supervisor the whole story. Now it's all fixed up and I feel even stronger about posting my feelings. I changed my commenting name and made it impossible to trace back to me. It's completely anonymous.

Good grief. Bullies are pathetic.

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